Show Jumping Organisation: Part 4 of 7 - Jim Hickey

Show Jumping Organisation: Part 4 of 7

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Dec 16
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Tip No 4 of 7. Nutrition & Detailed Note Taking

Tip number 4 is in relation to the feed and nutrition of your animal.

The feed you give your horse is so important in relation to its energy no matter what standard of show jumping you are at.

Stay in a close relationship with your vet and study your animal and how it responds to all the supplements and nutrition you feed it.

This is why keeping detailed notes are so important because when you look back you will be able to notice when the horses diet resulted in improvements and these small tweaks will have major results as times goes by.

You must know what your animal needs and make a scheduled feed calendar for its year so you can get it in perfect jumping condition.

It is all in the details

Often in show jumping our animal can perform well and we are not quite sure why.

So linking what exactly the horse is eating with details notes is so important to your overall success

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