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About Me.

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you are very welcome. If you are reading this you are curious or searching for some answers in your life, there is some part of you which hasn’t reached that highest point of potential that you know you have deep inside you. It is a feeling of burning desire to do better. You can’t explain it.

My Goal

My goal is to take you from this point of where you are now, help you create the results you desire, of success and abundance. However, this is just the starting point, reaching this success touches every part of your life, career, relationships, money, family and your daily existence.

I know how this feels because I have lived it. I have been on my own journey through professional learning and real life experience which has brought me the incredible skills which empowers me to help people and take their lives to a whole new level.

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My Mission

My mission is that everyone lives to their highest potential. This has always been a burning desire of mine. When I was a child growing up I always had this feeling that I could and would do amazing things. As I child I was never able to explain this; I simply felt it.

The Power Within in my Younger Days

When I was young I worked very hard in my family business learning essential business skills which still stand to me today. However, like every young person I wanted to etch my own path. So I set up a series of businesses, each one learning from the last.
I turned up each day to those businesses with determination and a can do attitude. I travelled the country, I knocked on doors, I spoke to people, I did whatever it took to connect with people and achieve success.

show jumping coach jim hickey

The Best Me

Although I have been very successful throughout my years I always felt I lacked a deep sense of inner self-belief and suffered a lack of self-esteem. I always knew there was something missing deep within me and the best “me” wasn’t truly alive.

I always had and still have a passion for personal growth and self-development. This made me focus on finding ‘The Best Me’. I attended many world wide self-development courses and trained with many amazing coaches including Brian Tracey, Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon.

The solution came to me on one of these courses which was to teach others the power of what I had learned and now live by. The power that had help me transform my life I wanted to teach to others. I began training as a professional performance coach which furthered my knowledge. Teaching others to achieve their full potential completely changed my lifeand brought me to a whole new level of happiness, success and fulfilment in every area of my life.

I practice every day what I coach to my clients, it is this daily mastering of my own life in health and success that gives real life experience to what I offer my clients. Part of being the best that you can be is paying back to your community. I believe this is the medicine for both parties.

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The Best You

I’ve been brought to a whole new level of self-awareness. I now live an incredible conscious life, creating wealth in all aspects of my life. This ability to live like this and reach great success has afforded me to be instrumental in helping so many people find ‘the Best of themselves’ and reach their goals and full potential.
I am deeply passionate about ensuring that everyone who works with me has a complete balance in each area of their lives as that is where proven and true fulfilment lives.

Show Jumping and Working With The Best

I have had a passion for sport all of my life, especially horses. One of my first clients (who I continue to coach) broke all records in his chosen sport and became a national champion in his county (This happened within one year of working together).

I have coached some of the best Show Jumpers in Ireland and the United States with clients succeeding in both national and international championships.

jim hickey equestrian coach

The Best in Business

Being a business man all my life I have a solid understanding of the challenges of the business mind. I know first hand what it takes to be and bring out your best. That is why I also love working with CEOs, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs who truly want to success in their worlds.

The joy I get from watching my clients (who I call my friends) taking and growing their business’ far beyond what they believed possible is phenomenal.

When you work with me, you get crystal clear on your goals and what YOU want. You learn how to focus on the steps needed to achieve your highest results and more.

Life Transforming Light Bulb Moments

I have been helping people change their lives for many years now with incredible success via seminars, talks, business bootcamps, team building consulting and 1:1 sports peak performance coaching.

I share my tools, techniques, knowledge and strategies to people who seek to achieve. Seeing people experience and enjoy the light bulb “ah ha” moments bring me the most fulfilment and joy in my life.

Are You Ready to be the Best?

If you know deep down it is time to change your life than get in touch. If you know you are ready to be YOUR BEST and bring your life to a whole new level?

Do you want to live the life of your dreams, grow your company or ignite your team?

My promise to you is that you will be transformed.

If now is the time, schedule your call now.

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