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Nov 29
power of breathing

When we Breath

Breathing Series: Tip No.4:

To move to the next level in show jumping you must master the art of breathing

The one thing every show jumper must accept, know learn, fully embrace is THAT breathing must be practised.

Like everything it is a skill and an important one in a world of staying focused and calm when show jumping.

It can be done in 5 minutes a day!

Why breathing is so important is because it changes you as a person and show jumper in and out of the ring. And this is so important if you wish to get to that top level.

Like in every sport skill will only get you so far. To reach the top you must have something more.

And that something more if something you must carry with you at all times. Not just for those few moments in the ring.

You have a centred, focused mind at all times. Especially leading up to events. And I don't mean, the 30 minutes before. I mean the days before an event your mind be centred, focused and calm.​ This is achieved through breathing.

In Conclusion

The best time to practise is first thing in the morning and this "focusing on your breathing" should become a part of your day. Start tomorrow morning and keep it up for 30 days to enforce it as a habit.

The more you bring your breath under your control the more frequent your confident, consistent clear rounds will become.

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