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Jim Hickey
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my name is Jim Hickey and I am a peak performance coach. It is my job to focus my clients on their goals. I listen, understand and help my clients to not only achieve their goals, but create and chase bigger ones.

Let’s step back, look at the bigger picture and work out of the details. Instead of working in you business’, we should always be working on our business’. Your call with me is YOUR time.

A place you can feel completely safe and express yourself. Get worries off your chest, reduce stress and free up your mind. Once your mind is free; we can then reassess, realign and refocus your energy.

“…it’s actually having somebody external, whose not judgemental, who understands your passions, understands what you are trying to achieve and helps you follow through…”

Colman Dillon, General Manager at LifeWave, Inc

I am there for my clients, giving them the help and support they need.

Whether it be at a time of crisis or simply to air thoughts. I offer my clients the tools and skills they need to believe they can continue, reach new heights and start new beginnings. Your confidence will soar and grow through this process which will benefit you in every way.

We will trash out ideas and constantly debrief what has been good and what can be better on a regular basis. Leading teams and organisations can often be a lonely road as business managers are forced to consistently save face.

I am with my clients every step, whatever roadblocks, speed bumps and wobbles that may arrive.

Let’s design your Business & Life Masterpiece

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“No matter how smart you are, or how brilliant or disruptive your business concept might be, every entrepreneur needs a good mentor.”

Richard Branson,
Author & Founder of Virgin Group

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