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How to Manage the Highs & Lows of Show Jumping

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Sep 16

Today’s tip is in relation to the managing the highs and lows of Showjumping.

Video Transcript

Showjumping is indeed an emotional, passionate and rollercoasters ride.

  • When things go right.
  • When things go to plan.
  • When you get that clear round.
  • When you begin feeling that confidence in the ring.

You can feel like a million dollars and king of the world.

Unfortunately, it is not always like that and anyone (no matter their level) who has explored the world of showjumping has also felt the extreme lows it can create within ourselves.

Today’s tip is to try and manage those highs and lows

How to Deal with the Highs & Lows of Show Jumping

You planned and trained and put in so much effort but it just didn’t go right. When that happens we can all fall into a bad, giving up and negative space.

How do we break through that low Monday morning after a bad show.

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The approach to try and tackle and overcome those feelings is to remember ‘The Why?’

Go for a walk, clear your head and focus on the memory of why you first got into the beautiful of show jumping.

  • You must remember getting on your first pony or first horse and remember the excitement you felt
  • You must remember that warm fuzzy feeling.
  • You must remember the feeling of freedom.
  • You must remember that feeling when you jumped your first gate.

It is focusing on these positive memories and feelings which will get you through the negative and low aspects of the sport when they arise.

These feelings will remind you of the passion and love you feel for your animal.

You must remember you love this sport

Because, many people don’t even know what their passion is. Even worse, many people do know what their passion is and given their circumstances are unable to follow or chase that passion.

If you are involved in this wonderful sport of showjumping, you must realise and appreciate how lucky you are. You are truly blessed to have a passion, know your passion and be able to chase that passion.

This is what will keep you going when times get tough.

We all have those dark, early mornings when we have to get back on the horse for training. A cold Irish day awaits and you don’t want to face it. It is in these moments we must dig deep and remember and cherish the love we have of our animal and for the sport.

In Conclusion

Remember your passion and love for show jumping and realise how lucky you are to be able to chase what you love.
Focus on these feeling when times get tough.

Thank you so much for watching and I look forward to sharing my next tips

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