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To Rise to the Next Level of Show Jumping you MUST Focus on the Positive

By Jim Hickey | General

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Join International sports psychologist for show jumpers Jim Hickey on a journey to exceed your expectations in the ring.

Oct 07

Hi guys, Jim Hickey here, peak performance coach for show jumpers.

Today I’m very excited to discuss with you 2 words used in all walks of life. 

  • Positivity
  • Negativity


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Video Transcript

Dealing with Negativity and positivity are important as they are universal.

They effect all of us in every way, every single day.

  • It is a universal thought.
  • It is a universal feeling

It’s All About The Negative

show jumping sports psychologist jim hickey

Studies show that most people are guilty of speaking in the negative.

Before you tackle the physical requirements needed to move head in the world of show jumping, you must get your mind right. and not think or talk about you, your horse or your show jumping
You cannot allow yourself to think or talk about yourself, your horse or your show jumping world in general in any negative way.

Ask Yourself?
- Am I negative?
- Is the language I'm using negative in relation to my show jumping?
- Do I always look for the worst?
- Does my mind immediately focus on what has gone wrong as opposed to what has gone right

- The fence went down
- That was not a good round
- I didn’t ride well

It’s All About The Positive

show jumping sports psychologist

How many of you are guilty of using negative langauge?

A language filled with:

- This was not good
- I've no chance.
- Look who's here!
- Look at the height of the fences - there too highWhats the pointIve no chance
- Whats the point

Are you guilty of using language like above which is pulling you down? Being aware of how you use your language. It is so important in getting your mindset in a positive state.

Awareness is great, but you need to change how you use your language

Studies show it can take 10 positives to override 1 negative

- Watch your language

- Watch your thoughts

- Catch yourself when thoughts and words are veering to the negative

You must teach yourself and force yourself to never come out of a round and straight away focus on what went wrong.

When you do this you burn the memory of what went wrong into your mind and memory hampering future success.

You MUST focus on the positive - always and more so immediately after you have ridden in competition.

You must learn to switch that focus onto the good and positive.

You must make a conscious effort to do so. If you want to get to the next level in show jumping you must be focused on the right things and love what you are doing.

The moment the sport becomes a chore and all seems negative you will lose the ability to rise it to the next level

In conclusion

You will not be able to rise to your next level of show jumping until you focus on love, positivity and the desire to do so. Rid yourself of negative thoughts and negative language and learn to catch yourself when doing so. Switch to positive words.

Thank you so much

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Jim Hickey is an author, business mentor and international peak performance for show jumpers.