Series: Negativity to Positivity | Video 3 • Jim Hickey

Series: Negativity to Positivity | Video 3

By Jim Hickey | General

Confident, Consistent, Clears

Join International sports psychologist for show jumpers Jim Hickey on a journey to exceed your expectations in the ring.

Oct 14

Thank you for watching and subscribing. So excited to share video number 3. Every video I do is all about taking showjumpers to the next level.

In this series we are focusing on turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

Video Transcript:


Video 1: We discussed, identified and wrote down all our negative thoughts
Video 2: We looked at why we hold onto these emotions, where they come from and when

Which brings us to video number 3

Facing Our Show Jumping Fears

how to face show jumping fear

You will only be ready to change we you can identify and face the fears that are holding you back on your path to show jumping success.

When things get so bad and you get so frustrated knowing deep down you need to step up.

And more importantly, you want to step up.

These are the times when people call me.

it's in these moments when I get the call and I get very excited!


Because I know that NOW they are ready. Ready to move to the next level – because they are ready to face their fears

- It is only when people are ready to open up and look themselves in the mirror and say enough is enough!
- I'm fed up with not being the best
- I'm fed up with coming second.
- I know I have the talent!
- and I want to move to the next level.
- I'm ready to move to the next level
- I wan to master my thoughts.
- I want to master my mindset

When this realisation occurs, we are already halfway there. The showjumper now has the desire to understand, achieve and retain confidence. Only now can we move forward.

the fears we dont face become our limits

When a client finally decides within themselves that they want to let go of all the disappointment and pain, doubts, worries, frustrations, anger and stress.

Only then, are they ready for confident consistent clears.

Only when you are ready for help will help work.

I love helping people, especially show jumpers. Showjumping is the sport I love, the sport grew up in, the sport I'm passionate about.

The unfortunate aspect of showjumping and life that most people are not ready to let go of the fears that hold them back. Most people are not ready to take that leap of faith to the next level.

Once you know you are ready to accept help and face your fears you are ready.

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