Series: Negativity to Positivity | Video 4 • Jim Hickey

Series: Negativity to Positivity | Video 4

By Jim Hickey | General

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Oct 14

Welcome back to video number 4 of this 4 part series - Turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Quick Recap:
Video 1
was finding an understanding our negative thoughts and feelings which I hope you have written down.

Video 2 was understanding why we get these negative thoughts.
Where do these negative thoughts came from.
And when they came?

Video 3 was about being prepared and ready to accept the fact that you must face these fears as only when we know our fears can we make permanent change.

Video transcript

This video is all about transformation.

Getting from the negative to the positive.

Very excited to share with you the tools and techniques to get rid of these negative thoughts and get your mind ready for the positive.

So how do we do this?

I want you to go back and study your fears. I want you to take all those negative thoughts and all those emotions from video 1 and I want you to physically imagine those fears right in front of you

  • Worries
  • Stresses
  • Fear
  • What people want
  • What people think
  • Thoughts you’re not good enough
  • Fears that you can't step up when the pressure is on
  • Worries that you can't win
  • Your doubts
  • And your disappointments

I want you to focus on all these fears and hold them right in front you.

Physically look at them, feel them and hold them.

And as you look at them, make them real, feel them, hear them.

As you focus on them I want you to imagine they are turning black and white.

I want you to remove their detail.

Imagine these physical fears, negative energy and emotions are becoming fuzzy

woman at beach

Now I want you to imagine you are at the beach.

A strong beautiful sun is coming.

These fears and feelings are right in front of you and the sun is now focusing right on them.

Focus on these fears and see the sun melting them.

Feel the strength of the sun, its brightness and heat becoming stronger and stronger and melting your fears more and more.

Keep your focus on seeing and feeling this image until your fears completely vanish.

Stay focused on this feeling until your fears are completely gone and your minds eye can see only blue skies.

Repeat this process if need be.

See your fears in vivid detail and full-colour. Begin to believe and see the colour and detail being removed until the fears appear black-and-white and fuzzy. See the sun begin to melt them, and evaporate, breaking up into tiny particles, until there is nothing left.

Don't be afraid to physically grab these fears. To take them in your hands and crush them and throw them behind you.

The more you do this the faster the process will become and the better the results you will achieve from destroying your negative feelings and emotions.

The Final Step. Focusing on the Positive

its time to focus on what matters

To move forward you now must remember positive feelings and memories in relation to your world showjumping.

You must now begin to fill this now found space in your empty mind with strong memories of when you first began to ride.

- Your first jump
- The first time you got in the ring
- The first time you won a competition.

Whatever it may be, grab all those really good emotions and memories and bring them to the forefront of your mind.

Any positive memories will do.

The key is to focus on times when your memory felt relaxed and at ease. Where you felt no pressure.

You need to learn to remove the negative thoughts and replace them with positive feelings.

The power of this can be immense in times of pressure.

For many show jumpers this can be usually when we first began to ride. When it was all about the relationship with your animal and the fun and passion of learning to ride.

Fill your memory with that joy. Stack those joyful memories one on top of the other.

Blast your mind with as many of these as you can.

Keep bombarding your mind with these powerful positive memories over and over and over again.

Keep melting negative thoughts while filling your mind with the vivid colourful detail of positive ones.

This is how you change negative mindset.

It does take effort, but you must learn to focus your energy and remove and melt negative thoughts and replace them with magic moments if you desire to move to the upper echelons of show jumping success.

Remember this tool and technique for evermore and it will help.

Remember, this can work in any area of your life.

Thank you so much for listening.

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this technique with you and I look forward to giving a new tip very soon​.

Thank you

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