International Peak Performance Coach for Show Jumpers

How I Work.

jim hickey show jumping coach

Jim Hickey
Equestrian Mental Coach


my name is Jim Hickey and I am Equestrian Mental Coach.

It is my job to focus my clients on their goals. I listen, understand and help my clients to not only achieve their goals, but create and chase bigger ones.

paul o shea

Paul O’Shea

International Show Jumper

Jim gave me the tools and techniques, that helped me win the national grand prix and premiere grand prix.

If you know you deserve gold, call me. Together we will help you see and feel your success in advance.

Padraig Mc Carthy

Padraig Mc Carthy

Olympic Show Jumper

“Jim took it on himself to take time to help me achieve my goals, which were to qualify for the pony championships at the Royal Dublin Society Horse Show. With Jim’s help my riding improved, as did my confidence and I surpassed my goal by qualifying two ponies for the RDS the same summer.”

“..(Jim).got me very motivated and focused…I won my first Grand Prix in horses and was also fourth. Not only that, I had seven horses at the show and I didn’t knock a pole all day”

Tim Mc Donnagh,
Top Show Jumper, Galway

To take that last step, every rider must shatter all self-doubt and enter a ‘success’ frame of mind.

You must hold the cup and carry that medal. You must ride that lap of honor and see yourself on the winners rug. You must know and believe it is not only possible but inevitable.

By combining my experience in show jumping and Equestrian mental coaching, I will take you step-by-step to the next level.

  • Build the mindset of a champion
  • Focus on one clear jump at a time.
  • Build the rhythm for clear rounds success.
  • Develop systems to suit each individual horse.
  • Learn to own each arena and master every course.
  • Strengthen relationships with your team,
    sponsors, investors and family.
  • Keep you on course until success is achieved.

“I’ve been working with Jim Hickey for over a month now. The results in the ring are amazing and the results for the business are starting to come too. I cannot pay that man enough to do what he does!”

Robert Blanchette, Show Jumper, California

Want to take that first step in mastering the last?

Talk with Equestrian mental coach expert Jim Hickey today about your unique show jumping challenges.