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Breathing in the Ring: Tip No. 2

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Nov 16
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Knowing how to breath properly

Breathing Series: Tip No.2:

To move to the next level in show jumping you must master the art of breathing

Just because breathing is a natural part of life does not mean for a second it cannot be improved.

Below are 3 tips on 'How to Breath Properly'

  • You must breath from your stomach
  • You must learn to always breath in through your nose
  • And out through our nose

Breathing in from our stomachs

Most of us without realising breath from our throats. We take small shallow breaths.

To breath properly we must go deep into our stomach learning to take long and slow breaths all day everyday in every occasion.

Just like our horses and ponies ​when happiest breath out. We too, as humans are most relaxed and happiest when we breath from our stomachs. 

Th​is is why we must learn to be aware of it.

Practising each of these stages constantly in everyday life will help you remain calm and focused when on your horse. 

Learning to breath deep, slow and calm must become a habit if you are to perform consistently well in the ring.

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