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Breathing in the Ring: Tip No. 3

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Nov 16
how to prepare for a show jumping event

What we must feel and consider when breathing

Breathing Series: Tip No.3:

To move to the next level in show jumping you must master the art of breathing

  • Tip No.1. Why we breath
  • Tip No. 2. How we breath
  • Tip No. 3. What we must think about when we breath
Breathing tip number 3 is broken down into 2 parts

Breathing Equals Energy

  • 1. When you breath in you breath in energy.
  • 2. When you breath out you breath out calm.
You must master and focus on breathing in energy and releasing calmness, over and over and over again.

With this thought process each time you breathe it will bring your riding, concentration and focus in the ring to a new level.

In Conclusion

When we breath in through our nose we must realise and feel the energy and calm it brings.

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