10 Things Every Rider Should Do To Prepare for the Ring

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how to prepare for a show jumping event

10 Things Every Rider Should Do To Prepare for the Ring

Read and reread these 10 tips committing them to memory.

Make the below 10 tips ritualistic in your approach to every show. Preparing for a show is very different from preparing for the ring itself. Preparation is key.


Pack Early

Pack your rider gear early the night before. Boots, hat, spurs, rain gear etc. One missing item can bring immediate stress upon arrival to the show


Eat Early

Eat early the night before the event as you will sleep better on an empty stomach



Hydrate with water only. Just 3% dehydration can equal 33% decrease in performance


Eat Healthy

Prepare healthy food for your show day. Remember, as well as your horse you are also an athlete 


Watch Previous Good Rounds

Watch and study good rounds you have jumped in the past. This will build your confidence and get you excited.


Plan your Route

Have a clear and planned route to your event to ensure you are not late.


Early to Bed

Get into bed very early and sleepy early. Show days are long and complete focus and concentration is needed for every precious moment in the ring


Wake Up at Set Time

Set your alarm and get up when you are meant to. This is one simple area many people falter in and it sends the wrong message to our subconscious


Leave Early

Arrive early!


Visualise the Win

Visualise your perfect day and travel happily and safely to the show

Did you find the above tips helpful?

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