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The Equestrian Mental Coach.


Helping show jumpers unlock their 
self-belief to be winners

Self-confidence and self-belief are key to performing well and unlocking true potential

The Ultimate Toolkit

Master tools and techniques which you can use again and again for each and every competition.

Build Your Mindset

Master the clear round with a clear and focused mindset in the ring.

Constant Support

I am there through the inevitable trials and tribulations necessary in becoming a world class show jumper.

Unlock Your Full Potential

Unlock the secrets to handling failure, dealing with disappointment and controlling fear in the ring.

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About Me

When I was a child growing up I always had this feeling that I could and would do amazing things. As I child I was never able to explain this; I simply felt it.

I worked hard in my family business learning essential business skills which still stand to me today. However, like every young person I wanted to etch my own path. I set up a series of businesses, each one learning from the last.

I turned up to each day with ...

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How I Work

Are you sick and tired of getting 4 faults in the ring? My name is Jim Hickey and from as young as I can remember I have been involved with horses.

Schedule your call with me today so we can discuss what is holding you back from ultimate show jumping success. I have been helping people change their lives for many years now with incredible success via seminars, talks, business bootcamps, team building consulting and 1:1 peak performance coaching.

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Let's Work Together

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I work closely with all my clients to ensure their ultimate success

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Jim gave me the tools and techniques, that helped me 
 win the national grand prix and premiere grand prix.

Paul O’Shea International Show Jumper

Equestrian Mental Coach | Show Jumping Sports Psychologist | Author | Speaker