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You found your passion and you’re good at it, but to be the best, you need to find a way to unlock your full potential and develop the skills you need to thrive and stand out from the rest.

If you are ready, have the passion to be the best and the desire to master your craft then you are in the right place, at the right time with the right person.

My name is Jim Hickey and it’s my passion to teach you the skills you need to achieve your dreams


“Helping equestrians unlock the self-belief needed to achieve the success they're looking for.”

I have worked with Jim on several occasions over the past few years. He was an invaluable support during the World Equestrian Games in Tryon 2018, when I won two silver medals and I continue to work with him on both my sporting and business goals
International Show Jumper padraid mccarthy
Padraig McCarthy
International Show Jumper

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Are you sick and tired of getting 4 faults in the ring? My name is Jim Hickey and from as young as I can remember I have been involved with horses.

Schedule your call with me today so we can discuss what is holding you back from ultimate show jumping success. I have been helping people change their lives for many years now with incredible success via seminars, talks, business bootcamps, team building consulting and 1:1 peak performance coaching.

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It’s All About Confidence In The Ring

If this what you want, I will help you help you. I will give you the tools and techniques to give you the confidence you need. 

Encourage your child to realise their passion and talents. It becomes easier to be successful and unlock true potential in your child when he/she knows his/her passion, areas of interest and talent. This is because your child will enjoy unleashing full potential and thus achieve great things and accomplishments in life.


Unlock the secrets to handling failure, dealing with disappointment and controlling fear in the ring.

Constant support

I am there through the inevitable trials and tribulations necessary in becoming a world class show jumper.

Our heritage is important

Heritage is the history, unique knowledge, values and traditions that have developed by a combination of genes and environment over time. Heritag  is responsible for how we came to be, it is a very large part of who and what we are, and it can determine what we will become. As humans, we are free moral agents; because we can determine our future to great degrees, we may delude ourselves into thinking the past has no impact on us. But choices and past events have very profound and long-lasting impacts on any decision we can possibly make.

All of us here at Jim Hickey would like to say a special thank you to.


Cuidiú le lucht eachaíochta an glas a bhaint den fhéinmhuinín is gá don rathúlacht atá siad a iarradh a bhaint amach

tá fíorchaoin fáilte romhat. Má tá tú a léamh seo tá tú fiosrach nó tá tú ag cuartú roinnt freagraí i do shaol; tá páirt éigin díot nach bhfuil a hacmhainn bainte amach go fóill aici agus fios agatsa go bhfuil acmhainn sin istigh go domhain ionat. Airíonn tú mian ollmhór déanamh níos fearr. Níl tú in ann é a mhíniú.

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