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Jim Hickey
Founder of the Confident Consistent Clear Rounds Programme

Dear Fellow Show Jumper,

I am international peak performance coach Jim Hickey and my passion is helping show jumpers succeed in the ring.

Over the past number of years, I have been working with, not only young emerging riders, but some of the most successful show jump riders in the world; clients who have went on to win Top Classes, Grand Prix’s and more in Ireland, Europe and the US.

In recent years, many show jumpers reached out to me for support in the ring. I was always looking for a creative way I could offer value and support and help ambitious showjumpers take that final step in achieving their goals.

After years of work, I am now happy to offer such support. It is a programme I have put my heart and soul into and its aim is simply to help show jumpers face their fears and achieve ‘Confident, Consistent, Clear Rounds'.

Who is my Programme for?

This programme is for anyone who wants to take years off their training and make that quantum leap from emerging rider to successful showjumper. It is for anyone who wants to increase their confidence and perform clear rounds more often in the ring. This programme is for show jumpers who want to achieve their ultimate best.

What are its Benefits?

  •  This programme will help create lasting changes that will support you in the ring - every time.
  •  This programme will give you the necessary skills and tools to help with competition pressure.
  •  This programme will show you how to be more prepared for the ring.
  •  This programme will teach you how to keep your focus in the ring and achieve clear rounds.

How will this programme 
impact my

I passionately believe that each of us possess the ability to improve. That once a decision to become a better rider is made and action is taken, you will be EMPOWERED not only to become a better rider but you will also learn how to manage the many obstacles both in and out of the arena.

I challenge you not only to do whatever it takes to participate in this programme, but also to use what you learn in the rhythm of each day. This is the all-important step that is necessary for you to produce the results you’re committed to.

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“Confident Consistent Clear Rounds”


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  •  Control Your Mindset. How to transform your mindset to the Clear Round Mindset
  • Master the Clear Round. How to think in the ring to empower you to master your Clear Round
  •  Tools and Techniques. The tools and techniques that you can use again and again for each and every competition moving forward
  •  Support. How to create the Clear Round support that you need to help you be your Ultimate Best
  •  Learn to Control Fear. Learn how to handle failure and disappointment. 
online show jumping programme

See what some of my clients have to say:

"I far exceeded all of my goals....

"I came to Jim before the National Grand Prix Speed Championships in June of last year. Jim gave me the tools and techniques that I worked on daily – and still continue to work on.

I far exceeded all of my goals winning the National Speed Championships along the way.
Jim continues to coach me on an ongoing basis."

ger o neill
GER O'NEILL Show Jumper

"Jims continuous coaching has transformed my confidence....

"Jims continuous coaching has transformed my confidence and ability which resulted in being 5th in the Irish Team London Olympics 2012."

joseph murphy
Joseph Murphy Olympian Professional Event Rider

Face your Fears
Take on the Ring!

There is always another level!

"I got my first 8 and the highest score of the entire show!! :) ....

I used to be a terribly anxious competitor. I thought the worst n had negative self-talk. It prevented me trying new equestrian sports, doing clinics, competing alone, competing at new venues. I was easily distracted, intimidated and defeatist. I didn’t focus or concentrate well because of constant negative thoughts.

I now compete at sjai, dressage and side saddle. I improved my dressage scores by a personal best of 10% today. I train with outstanding coaches. I now love the struggle of competition and the challenge of 6 horses, an extremely challenging career and progressing with my competing with no sand arena or jumps.

This means the world to me. It gives me determination, grit, graft, joy, fun, happiness and satisfaction.

There is just one reason to recommend Jim-none of this would be possible without his guidance, advice, support, belief and friendship.

Today I stepped up a level to pre-novice combined training. I got my first 8 and the highest score of the entire show!! :) :) :) :)"

Niamh Drea Veterinary Surgeon

"The results in the ring are amazing...

“I’ve been working with Jim Hickey for over a month now. The results in the ring are amazing. I cannot pay that man enough to do what he does!“

Robert Blanchette show jumper
ROBERT BLANCHETTE Show Jumper, California

What if the Programme
doesn't work for me?

Over the years, I have had so many people tell me about their high spending on ponies, horses and training. However, when it came to that minute and a half in the ring, they seemed to lose it.

If your mind is not focused, it will all seem like a waste of money and effort. This disappointment can be so painful that many considered giving up the sport.

Have you ever wondered why some riders succeed at levels beyond their imagination while others struggle to get a clear round? What it always comes down to is a riders ability to manage not only the horse but his or her mindset.

If you can’t master your mind, then you are leaving your potential and progress to chance. However, if you do master your mind, then you are learning to control your focus and concentration in the ring. This will ultimately bring you closer to achieving your deserved success in the ring.

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than ever to Confident, Consistent, Clear Rounds!"

Jim Hickey
Equestrian Mental Coach, Author & International Peak Performance Coach for Show Jumpers

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