Equestrian Coaching

Equestrian Mental Coach

He works one-to-one with both emerging and established riders throughout Europe, the USA and Canada to help them achieve great success in their sporting and business lives.

He does this by helping them to adjust their mindset using key steps that he has learned through a lifetime in the world of Equestrian sports.

Equestrian Coaching
Jim’s One-to-One Equestrian Coaching has guided clients on to win Top Classes and Grand Prix’s; he has even coached athletes at Olympic level.

His style of coaching is bespoke and tailored to each client’s specific challenges. However, to reach as many equestrian athletes as possible, Jim has also created a self-paced online course to make this knowledge available to all.

Online Course

The Confident, Consistent, Clear Rounds program was developed to make Jim’s specialised style of mindset coaching available to sports people all around the world.

Does Fear Affect Your Performance?

At some point in their career, every athlete experiences dips in confidence, anxiety, and low self-belief. It is a challenge that comes with the territory. What will set you apart from the other competitors is how you face your fears and rise above them.

As your Peak Performance Coach, Jim will provide you with the tools and techniques that you need to develop the mindset of a winner.

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