Your Ultimate Best eBook • Jim Hickey

Your Ultimate Best eBook

By Jim Hickey

Your Ultimate Best eBook


The ‘Your Ultimate Best’ e-Workbook is a downloadable guide to help YOU harness the power of your mind.
It will help you achieve clarity, to focus, to create and do anything with your life.

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your ultimate best by jim hickey

The Ultimate Best eWorkbook will help you to harness the power of your mind to achieve, create and do anything with your life.

Your Ultimate Best

3 reviews for Your Ultimate Best eBook

  1. Susie Ward

    “The more I study your book, the more it impresses me. I think it’s wonderfully put together. Simple, very straight forward and there is simply no way out of creating that perfect life that we are all after. There are no loop holes or ways out. It really is a work of art even for people like me who think they have read every book out there. It is now my travelling companion in my handbag.”

  2. Hazel Hendy – Fundraiser, Simon Community and Mother

    “I was somewhat unsure about a coaching session. With Jim’s charismatic, persistent, warm and pervasive personality, I was drawn to the energy, vision, and belief in my bold dreams. Jim’s coaching gave me clarity to my embryonic journey. This gave me the vision to see what I wanted and also the power and self belief to go get it…(Let the show begin). Thank you.”

  3. Tim McSweeney – Financial Director

    “Before I met Jim I was going generally in the right direction at a reasonable pace. After Jim’s powerful coaching, a crystal clear focus emerged and business has rocketed ever since. I would recommend Jim simply because he will help you reach your full potential in life.”

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