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Show Jumping Organisation: Part 2 of 7

By Jim Hickey | General

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Dec 16
tack room

Tip No 2 of 7. Tidy Habits

Tip number 2 is 30% about putting items back where they belong, but 70% about habit forming.

It is a small tip but by forming these small yet professional and focused habits, you begin to train your mind in a professional and focused way.

Tip number 2 is simply about putting items back where they belong.

There is a place for everything, everything has its place.

How many of you are guilty of not putting things back where they belong.

Tip number 2 is putting items back - not down

Work on this as it is a small yet important step in a long journey of becoming a professional rider

There is nothing more frustrating then going to your tack room, looking for an item and you cant find them.

This frustration is then carried into the ring and even the smallest of things (like not finding a brush were it should be for the 10th time) can give you an off day.

This frustration is caused by an untrained mind.

You must stay focused in relation to everything you do.

The more you train your mind to stay clean, disciplined and uncluttered, the more you will begin to take shape as a disciplined and focused rider.

Step by step - habit by habit

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