Show Jumping Organisation: Part 5 of 7

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Tip No 6 of 7. Tack

How many of you would agree that having the right, tack, the right bit, the right saddle, rug, boots – everything – in relation to your animal is of the utmost importance.

The horses comfort is so important to making sure it performs at its best.

How many of you are guilty of not having a perfectly fitted saddle to your animal.

Perhaps not well fitted bits which can slightly cut the lips of the animal.

All the little details from nose bands to what ring its on.

Your attention to detail in this manner is so important.

Make notes and list what you feel works and what doesn’t.

This becomes even more important when you perform on many different animals.

Each animal is unique and so what tack and equipment that work with one horse does not mean it will work with another.

How many of you are guilty of being in a rush and afterwards noticing that you didn’t have the right noseband or bridal?

Maintain your tack to the best of your ability, keeping items in a well systemised tack room in well organised system.

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