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Show Jumping Organisation: Part 5 of 7

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Dec 16
horse farrier

Tip No 5 of 7. The Farrier

Tip number 5 to help you be organised before a show so you wont be paniced and stressed.

More times than not a cause of frustration or stress is due to an oversight of small details in organisation

One of these elements is to do with the horses feet.

This is where the horse farrier comes in.

How many of you are guilty of the horse farrier arriving to check your horse and you aren’t even there?

You must be there to listen and discuss the nature and quality of the horses feet and hooves making sure your animal is at peak condition. If there is even a slight issue with the horses feet is can cause great instability in the animals performance

Develop a relationship with your farrier. Show them you care about your animal and explain them to them your plans for the year ahead.Discuss whether the course needs studsWhere the horse will be performing (indoor, outdoor)And of course make sure to add all this information to your journal making notes of the items and dates when the farrier arrived.

Making scheduled plans when the horse will need to be reshod

- Be curious
- Be interested
- Be fascinated

The more you understand what works for your horse the more the horse and you will improve

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