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Show Jumping Organisation: Part 7 of 7

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Dec 16
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Tip No 7 of 7. Exercise

The last tip in this series of being organised and ready before shows is exercise.

Building up the horses fitness before shows in the correct manner is vitally important

Exercising our animal is something we all enjoy but it is one area where plans can sometimes become non existent.

  • Having a plan on how long road work will be.
  • Keeping exercise interesting.
  • Knowing what is needed in between shows.
  • What gymnastics are needed?
  • Discussing plans with your trainer.
  • Keeping on top of pole work

Understanding your animal and keeping detailed notes on exercise completed and what you feel is needed is important

As with everything in this list, the deeper you go into it.

The more you analyse it.The more organised you are and the more you understand your animal and its needs the better and the easier and the quicker you will get those confident, consistent, clear rounds.

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