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Nov 29
power of breathing

The Benefits of Breathing

Breathing Series: Tip No.5:

To move to the next level in show jumping you must master the art of breathing

Knowing and understanding the why helps us overcome our fears in the ring.

The benefits of mastering our breathing are endless.

There are many reasons why we can begin to breath shallow and hold our breath (as opposed to the deep stomach breathing we should be doing) 

  • Is it a qualifier?
  • Is it a big show?
  • Are you attempting a higher jump?
  • Is it because of the presence of someone who makes you nervous?

You must realise your breathing is becoming tense and focus on the lessons in these 5 videos.

You must learn to control your breathing in and out in a slow and focused state. By forcing yourself to settle your breath you will force your body and nerves to also settle.

Practising this in everyday life will have a profound effect on your standard, focus and nerve on the ring.

  • Breathing forces you look inwards.
  • It helps you become centred.
  • It brings your attention away from distraction and makes you see and focus on yourself.
  • It calms your mind
  • It makes you aware of your surroundings.
  • Your horse can also feel this and will also relax.

Accept the benefits of breathing

Take your breathing seriously.

  • It will improve your concentration.
  • It will improve your focus
  • It will improve your planning.
  • It will bring you back to you.

Dont take my word for it. Google the endless benefits of mastering the art of breathing. Because if you don’t fully embrace the realisation breathing can help you will never master it.

You must know 100% that if you can control your breathing, you can control your focus. If you can control your focus, you con control your horse, fears and the round itself.

In Conclusion

The more you bring your breath under your control the more frequent your confident, consistent clear rounds will become.

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