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Confident, Consistent, Clears

Join International sports psychologist for show jumpers Jim Hickey on a journey to exceed your expectations in the ring.

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Sep 16

How to Manage the Highs & Lows of Show Jumping

By Jim Hickey | General

Today’s tip is in relation to the managing the highs and lows of Showjumping. Video TranscriptShowjumping is indeed an emotional, passionate and rollercoasters ride. When things go right.When things go to plan.When you get that clear round.When you begin feeling that confidence in the ring. You can feel like a million dollars and king of […]

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How to Face the Highs & Lows of Show Jumping
Sep 15

3 Ways to Overcome Show Jumping Fear

By Jim Hickey | General

Do you want to overcome your fear in the ring? Here are 3 ways to face, understand and use fear in relation to the world of show jumping. DO YOU WANT MORE CLEAR ROUNDS? Register today and get FREE access to premium videos to help you achieve confident, consistent, clears Yes, I Want More Clear […]

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confident happy children by jim hickey
Apr 27

Confident Happy Children

By Jim Hickey | General

The book of ABC steps “This is a gem of a little book and I have no hesitation in recommending that it should be on the ‘must read’ list for all parents…” — John Lonergan, Former Govenor of Mountjoy Prison ISBN Number 978-0-9926014-1-6 Price €19.95 by Jim Hickey international peak performance coach

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