Series: Negativity to Positivity | Video 2 • Jim Hickey

Series: Negativity to Positivity | Video 2

By Jim Hickey | General

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Oct 14

Hi guys, you're very welcome back to video 2 of this 4 part series in relation to turning negativity into positivity in relation to showjumping.

Video one was all about identifying and writing down what fears are stopping us as show jumpers from moving forward.

This video is all about understanding why we get these feelings, where these feelings come from and knowing and understanding when these feelings arise.

It is only when we understand our fears that we can face them a move forward.

Understanding Where Our Fears Come From

show jumping fear

Every pro show jumper at some stage in their career had to face fear.

More times than not are negative emotions towards a moment stem from a negative memory.

Perhaps someone said something to us.
Perhaps we let ourselves down in what we thought we believed we could achieve.

What happens in moments like these that cause pain and trauma in our minds and memories is that we tend to hold onto these moments.

They can become apart of us.

Sometimes these memories can be small and fleeting and nothing more than a throwaway comment.

Can you think back and remember any negative memories or negative emotions that you are holding on too?

Sometimes they can be small and simple like a negative comment from a parent.
'You'll never succeed in show jumping's it’s far too hard'
'Why would you bother with such a difficult sport?',
'You're never going to make it'.

Perhaps it was a teacher trying to help by telling you you're an average rider and that you should be happy with what you have achieved, but that it was improbable for you to think you could reach the top show jumping levels.

Maybe the teacher was simply trying to motivate you, not realising that when you're passionate about something these negative thoughts can impact us greatly.

Negative thoughts like these can stay in our minds and manifest into our bodies and memories.

Sometimes, it can even be things we say to ourselves!

As we watch a role model or professional showjumper clear rounds perfectly we become consumed with negative thoughts of thinking and believing

"I will never be able to do that"

Maybe you begin to tell yourself this again and again and again

Maybe it was a friend, half joking "Ah sure you'll never will be that good ha ha".

Even though it was a joke at the time it somehow dug into your memory and you took a it onboard.

They can be simple and tiny comments but they buildup and take up too much space in out mindset.

The Good News

show jumping coach

Only when we move our minds into a positive state can we move to the next level of show jumping.

We can change this.

However, first you must identify

  • Where these memories came from
  • Why they happened
  • Where they happened.
  • Think for a few moments
  • Think about the situations.
  • Focus on the negative events
  • Focus on your negative memories

Why, When, Where?

jim hickey

Was it someone else's comments?
Was it your own thoughts?
Was it a comment from a parent, teacher, role model or mentor?
Was it someone trying to help you by convincing you shouldn't aim for the top because you might not make it?

In Conclusion

Think back and remember the why, when and where of these negative memories.

Jot them down and in the next video let's face them

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