Breathing Techniques with Show Jumping Sports Psychologist Jim Hickey

Breathing in the Ring: Tip No. 1

By Jim Hickey | General

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Join International sports psychologist for show jumpers Jim Hickey on a journey to exceed your expectations in the ring.

Nov 16
show jumping breathing tips

Understanding Why We Breath

Breathing Series: Tip No.1:

To move to the next level in show jumping you must master the art of breathing

If you are watching this right now you are a show jumper on a journey. One aspect of that journey to raise your game and reach a higher level is focusing on breathing.

Breathing is the most important part of life. It is life. It keeps us alive.

We can give up food for days, weeks and even months.

We can give up water for days.

But we cannot live unless we breath. How this life enters us is through
- the oxygen that enters our lungs and
- the oxygen that enters our minds.

Air feeds our minds and body.

It is so important that you take this process seriously.
Because, as with anything in life, if it is a process, it can be improved.

Breathing is apart of life

Many people do not breath efficiently nor correctly. Improving this aspect of your life can help anyone in many ways, but for the show jumper who must stay composed and focused in the ring breathing correctly is vital in keeping their mind and body sharp and focused.

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