Welcome to Confident Consistent Clear Rounds • Jim Hickey

Welcome to Confident Consistent Clear Rounds

By Jim Hickey | Full Members Video Course

Confident, Consistent, Clears

Join International sports psychologist for show jumpers Jim Hickey on a journey to exceed your expectations in the ring.

Jun 30

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Thank you so much for making the decision to achieve Confident Consistent Clears!

I have worked with international riders who have achieved amazing results, using my proven methods, skills and tools. I am so excited to bring this knowledge to you here in this program. I understand that everyone is at different stages of competition and that you will probably watch all 4 modules now. However, it is in the ongoing application of the skills learned in these videos that will assist you in achieving the results you desire and deserve.

Every day apply these skills, especially when you do not want to. Watch and re-watch these videos as many times as you can. Listen to the lessons over and over again so the information will become apart of you.

I recommend taking notes.

Download the FREE workbook above to guide you through the process

The workbook will help you get clarity on where you are and how to achieve confident consistent clears.

Best of luck
Jim Hickey



About the Author

Jim Hickey is an author, business mentor and international peak performance for show jumpers.